Burnley pub the Craven Heifer holds Remembrance 'blackout' night to highlight cost of living issue

A Burnley pub rolled back the years when it held a special “blackout” night to mark Remembrance Day and raise awareness of the current cost of living crisis.

What started out as a joke on Facebook when the energy crisis kicked in ended as a heartwarming community event for regulars at Harle Syke pub the Craven Heifer in Briercliffe Road who were invited to bring candles and blankets for a night without power.

Landlady Michelle Naylor first mooted the idea in an interview with the Burnley Express about the pressures facing pubs due to rising energy bills this winter.

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Regulars at the Craven Hiefer in Briercliffe Road held a blackout night

Delighted with how the night went, Michelle said: “Before the lights went out at 7pm we remembered our fallen heroes and our loved ones. At 7pm the lights went out, no TV or mobile phones. If people used their phones they got fined £1, with proceeds going to Pendleside Hospice.

“Everybody got into the spirit of the event with lots of sing along songs from the 1940s. I didn’t know what to expect or if people would buy into it, but they loved it and want to repeat the event.”

Michelle admitted in September that she was “dreading” the pub’s energy bills this winter, which were set to rocket.

She said: “At the moment we are thinking what steps we can take to manage the risk, and give our customers some confidence. We are trying to be frugal and think outside the box because customers won’t have the same amount of money in their pockets as they did.”

Blackout night at the Craven Heifer
Blackout night at the Craven Heifer