Burnley marketing firm's new podcast aiming to help businesses 'survive and thrive'

A unique series of weekly business podcasts has been launched by award-winning Burnley digital technology company +24.

+24 managing director Dave Walker
+24 managing director Dave Walker

+24 founder and managing director Dave Walker (34), the current Young Lancastrian of the Year, together with +24 marketing manager Sam Keenan, is producing and presenting the podcast series, Eat Sleep Business.

“We want to share our knowledge and put out actionable strategies and techniques in our areas of expertise in marketing, business processes and automation that will help businesses not only kickstart their Covid-19 recovery but will help their company to survive and thrive in the long term," said Dave.

“That’s exactly what we do: eat, sleep business, the same as so many business owners out there. One of the key messages from our first podcast is that many businesses are putting out over the top messaging saying ‘we’ll get through this, I can see the light’.

"Whilst positivity is crucial, it is really important we don’t lose sight of the challenges that lie ahead and ignore the reality that swift, concise action is required alongside the optimism. I encourage people to be optimistic, which is to be confident but aware of the challenge, rather than blindly positive."

During the 20-minute podcasts, listeners can hear candid accounts of how +24 successfully navigates through the current business landscape, including a behind the scenes look at how the company, now in its tenth year, helped generate and process over £80m of sales for its customers in 2019.

At the heart of this ground-breaking podcast series is Dave and Sam’s passion for business. “I set off, as I say in the first podcast, thinking that if only one person learns one thing then it has all been worthwhile,” said Dave.

“Within the first day of our podcast going out, I had a message from a business owner saying ‘mission accomplished.’ That was enough to encourage us to carry on with the project.”

Further episodes of Eat Sleep Business include a look at business processes and automation.


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Sam added: “That’s a message that we must start spreading, that businesses need to be thinking smarter and looking at technology as a way to adapt their business and be agile in the current environment.

"Not just to make them more efficient but also to help them offer outstanding customer service which will set them apart from their competition in the challenging times ahead.”

Eat Sleep Business can be heard via Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Apple, with a new episode available every Friday.