Brunshaw mobile phone mast plan defeated

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TWO mobile phone giants will have to go back to the drawing board after residents and a ward councillor saw off the latest plan to install a huge telephone mast in Brunshaw.

Vodafone and O2 applied to install a 12.5m. high mast in Rimington Avenue, on the footpath outside Tesco Express in Brunshaw.

The mast would have been shared by the two operators to provide 2G and 3G technology, but Burnley Borough Council’s Development Control Committee rejected the application after hearing from Brunshaw ward Coun. Linda White.

Coun. White, who has successfully objected to mobile phone mast applications in previous years before she became a councillor, said there were other more suitable sites in the area.

She said: “The site proposed in Rimington Avenue is totally unsuitable and I’m glad the committee agreed and decided to reject this proposal.

“I spoke on behalf of residents including a gentleman who lives in Brunshaw Road opposite the site. He has five windows which would overlook it.

“There is also an off-licence, which the owner lives in, that is less than the statutory 30m. distance for phone masts and habitable properties.

“I was also concerned that the proposed site would be very near to new houses that have been built recently in Rimington Avenue that are not yet occupied. The future owners of these houses would obviously not be able to be consulted.”

The committee decided to reject the proposal despite it being recommended for approval.

Previous applications for a 10m. high monopole in 2009 was refused as was an application for a 15m. pole in 2011.

The applicants now have the right to appeal.