US skate star in Clitheroe

CHAMPION US skateboarder Jud Heald wowed the crowds with a stunning show in Clitheroe.

Hundreds of youngsters turned up at Clitheroe Skate Park, run by the Grand theatre, to see one of America’s top talents demonstrating his skills on the track.

The 34-year-old skate star, who survived a life threatening accident when he broke his neck snowboarding, said: “The doctor told me I’d never get on a skateboard again. That accident changed my life, but I came back to do the sport I love.

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“It was incredible to come to England and see so many talented skateboarders from Clitheroe and all over Lancashire.

“I’ve done demos in Egypt, Fiji, Chile and Ecuador, but these kids were some of the best I’ve seen.”

Heald, who turned pro in 1998, honed his skills at Camp Woodward in America, the biggest skateboard park in the world.

He added: “Skateboarding is an amazing sport, and if you are thinking about taking part and feel a little intimidated, come and skate with the attitude that you are going to have fun at whatever level you’re at.”

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