You Say Tomatoes; The Garrick

Cultures clash and trouble brews in the hilarious love story presented by The Garrick this week.
The cast of You Say Tomatoes, presented by The Garrick. (s)The cast of You Say Tomatoes, presented by The Garrick. (s)
The cast of You Say Tomatoes, presented by The Garrick. (s)

In Canadian playwright Bernard Slade’s You Say Tomatoes, directed by Martin Chadwick, novelist Giles and TV producer Libby are the unlikely pair who fall in love.

But the road to long-lasting romance is never easy, as the couple discover during Libby’s bid to televise Gile’s books. Libby, a New Yorker, cannot stand the British. Giles, a Brit through and through, finds American culture distasteful.

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Doses of comedy are sure to be provided as the pair navigate this rocky road - and come to terms with the differences between American and British culture and manners - with the help of Daisy, Libby’s assistant, and Fred, Giles’ long-time friend and mentor.

Director Martin Chadwick is a familiar face with Garrick audiences. His last directorial instalment for the society was Agatha Christie’s thriller And Then There Were None, back in March 2015, and his last performance was as Gerald in Woman in Mind (November 2016).

Playing the central roles are Carole Bardsley and David Kendrick. Carole was last seen as Fraulein Schneider in I Am a Camera in September 2015 while David played Mr Collins in period comedy I Have Five Daughters in September 2016.

Katy Taylor returns for her second role with The Garrick as Daisy while David Pilkington completes the cast as Fred.

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You Say Tomatoes will be presented at The ACE Centre, Cross Street, Nelson, starting at 7-30pm, from Wednesday to Saturday.

Individual performance tickets are priced at £10 each (or £7.50 for students) and are available from The ACE Centre box office on 01282 661080 from 10am to 4pm.

For information concerning season tickets, please contact Martin Chadwick on 07788 554939.