Theatre Review: My First Sleeping Beauty by English National Ballet

WELL what a brilliant idea? A ballet for three-year-olds upwards. Would it work? Well my two children decided to try it out.

Wednesday, 6th June 2012, 2:00 pm

Ruaridh and Flora are only little, but they love dressing up and twirling around. And they loved their ballet production at The Palace Theatre in Manchester.

The story is of Aurora, born to The Queen and King and loved very dearly by them and her Nurse who looked after her.

A big christening party is arranged and all is well, until Fairy Carabosse arrives. She is furious she has been forgotten and and casts an evil spell on her, warning that when the baby grows up, she will prick her finger on a needle and die.

Powerful godmother Lilac Fairy could not break the spell, but changed it and said she would not die, but sleep for 100 years and only awaken when kissed by a prince.

The production saw young ballet fans dressed up in tutus and fairy wings as they remained still, watching and joining in the production.

The nurse, who acted as the narrator, urged them to join in with boos and hisses for Fairy Carabosse and cheers as Aurora woke up.

There was some stunning moves, which my two attempted to copy on their way out, now firmly confirmed as ballet watchers of the future. Job done!

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