Theatre Review: The Hairy Bikers Larger than Live tour

THEY are a loveable pair those Hairy Bikers. And when they roared into King George’s Hall in Blackburn in their “customised’’ thrones - the signs for an entertaining night looked good.

Monday, 12th November 2012, 4:00 pm

A show packed with fun and a few culinary tips. The set was spectacular and the boys on top form and ready for a laugh. And giggle we did. Dave Myers and Si King have a long tour schedule ahead which runs into March next year.

And I hope they learn a little from their daily grind and maybe cut down on the crude jokes. Yes, it was fun, but there was a little too much toilet humour for my liking and I am afraid the show ran on too long.

A lady I overheard in the bar at the interval said: “We are disappointed there was not more cooking.’’ And in truth we all were, because that’s what the boys do best. To be fair a three-hour show could not sustain itself with just cooking and the ideas were good, invite people from the audience to dine with the masterchefs. But the cooking only too up a small part of the show.

The rest was slightly surreal. We were treated to Dave dressed in women’s clothes attempting to escape from chains and Si getting all dressed up for a dance contest. Infact it was more of a pantomime than a cookery show, with a strip game show one of the highlights.

I enjoyed the huge screen on stage which showed clips of the boys cookery around the world and they were funny (better than on stage, because they have to watch their language on television!).

And stories of their successful dieting were entertaining as is their excellent “The Hairy Dieters’’ book, which at £14.99 is a great buy. The boys have lost six stone between them and the book published by Orion ( has some great ideas and tips in to help you lose the pounds and stay slim.

The boys have endless energy and seem genuinely nice blokes and their show is great, but it will only be memorable if the crude jokes are ditched and the show tightened up!

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