REVIEW: The Spirit of Annie Ross; Colne Dramatic Society

Winter is hotting up for the weekend thanks to a hilarious tale as deliciously thrilling as a strong mulled wine.

Friday, 8th December 2017, 12:30 pm
Updated Friday, 8th December 2017, 12:35 pm
David Anthony Cross, Vivienne Thorner, Evonne Beardsworth and Mike McKeown shine in this hilarious ghost story. (s)
David Anthony Cross, Vivienne Thorner, Evonne Beardsworth and Mike McKeown shine in this hilarious ghost story. (s)

For this week, Colne Dramatic Society is presenting a ghost story with a difference.

Bernard Farrell’s spooky play brews together the comical and the Gothic for a fantastic night of entertainment.

The Spirit of Annie Ross tells of four volunteers who spend the night in a house rumoured to be haunted to raise money for charity.

Among the beauties of this production are Farrell’s wonderfully natural language and distinct and interesting characterisation.

It was the perfect starting base to which the cast added plenty of sweetness and spice to serve up lush performances.

Just like a fine wine, the actors - Mike McKeown, Vivienne Thorner, Evonne Beardsworth, David Anthony Cross and Eric Beardsworth - bounced audiences through an array of emotions.

For certain, Director Gordon Ingleby has done a terrific job of bringing together actors who have fabulous stage presence.

They not only possessed great comic timing, but the chemistry between them fizzed on stage.

And that’s not all.

For each actor was able to tease out the subtle depths of their character, creating a show that kept audiences on their toes - as well as rolling in the aisles.

The Spirit of Annie Ross has little action for a ghost story - but it’s the dynamic of the group which chills and thrills and gives the play a biting edge.

That’s why a strong cast is required to capture the tension between the characters, without spilling into melodrama.

It’s a tough job, as the cast must also deliver Farrell’s sharp punches of wit, without spinning into farce.

But Ingleby has nothing to worry about.

For his cast undoubtedly made for a formidable force.

On a separate note, don’t let the lack of action put you off -for you wouldn’t have thought this was a fairly static show going off the audience’s reaction.

They, like I, rode one whirlwind of emotional entertainment last Monday.

And that was only the opening night.

So expect to be blown out of your seats if you’re heading to the Little Theatre this weekend.

The Little Theatre, River Street, Colne

Tonight and tomorrow, 7-30pm. Tickets: £7.50 each on 01282 861424.