REVIEW: “Dad’s Army”, Pendle Hippodrome Theatre

“Don’t panic!” Yes, Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company’s stage version of TV’s “Dad’s Army” more than does justice to the classic comedy.

Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company's "Dad's Army" team salute in colour.
Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company's "Dad's Army" team salute in colour.

Being a fan of the famous wartime comedy from Jimmy Perry and David Croft, I must admit I went with some trepidation that those lovable characters would transfer well to the stage. I had nothing to worry about.

The pompous charm of principal character, Home Guard Captain Mainwaring, was captured effortlessly by Barry Jackson, who skillfully managed to recreate those amusing idiosyncrasies made famous by Arthur Lowe.

Special mention must also be given to Tim Mason for his portrayal of mummy’s boy Private Pike. Again, the likeness was uncanny.

Pendle Hippodrome Theatre Company's "Dad's Army" team salute in colour.

Ken Horsfield, playing Pike’s “uncle Arthur” Sergeant Wilson also did a fine job in recreating the suave, laid-back charm that came so natural to the genteel John Le Mesurier.

The Hippodrome’s stage version features three classic episodes from the long-running series – “The Deadly Attachment”, “Mum’s Army” and “The Godiva Affair”.

Fans of the show will know these feature some favourite moments. The first, where Mainwaring’s platoon are ordered to guard captured German sailors, features some laugh-out-loud moments.

The second is a sweeter affair, where the usually straight-laced Mainwaring lets his stiff upper lip slip and falls in love with a woman he could never have.


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The final episode re-imagined is perhaps the most drawn-out, but quite rightly ends with an impressive sing-along.

The set, uniforms and wartime songs and adverts – used cleverly in between scene changes – all work a treat.

The show runs at the Pendle Hippodrome Theatre in Colne until June 8th. You’d be a stupid boy to miss it!