New theatre group takes to the stage

PENDLE’S latest theatre group - the Holden2UrHats Theatre Company - is about to present its first production at Nelson’s ACE Centre.

The play is “Citizenship” by Mark Ravenhill is a bitter-sweet comedy dealing with the problems of teenage relationships in today’s heady climate of drugs, sex and alcohol.

It will run from Thursday to Saturday, starting at 7-30 p.m.

Although explicit in words and actions, it sensitively follows the paths of Tom and Amy - both desperate for love.

Tom ponders the question of his sexuality, while Amy struggles to cling to the shreds of her self-esteem.

They are helped and hindered throughout the play by their mates and detractors, resulting in just the right amount of comedy, and leading to a very poignant ending.

The new amateur theatre group is the brainchild of 19-year-old Katie Holden, and her cast is comprised mostly of her ex-fellow students from Nelson and Colne College’s BTEC course in Dramatic Art.

Such is her commitment to this venture that Katie is funding everything from rehearsal rooms to theatre space from her own pocket.

Tickets for “Citizenship” are £5 each and are available from the ACE Centre’s website or call 661080.