Music Review: Showaddywaddy

Showaddywaddy have been rocking and rolling for four decades and have no plans to hang up their Teddy Boy jackets and beetle crushers just yet.

They came to Burnley Mechanics as part of their 40th anniversary tour and their singalong rock ‘n’ roll, vocal harmonies, choreographed dance moves and colourful drapes had the audience rocking along with them.

There are two original members, which is pretty good going for a band who have survived for so long, sold more than 20 million records, had 24 top 10 hits and spent more than 200 weeks in the UK singles charts.

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In the ’70s they had huge hits such as “Under The Moon Of Love”, “Three Steps To Heaven”, “I Wonder Why” and “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” and if you thought “Heartbeat” was just written for a TV theme - wrong - it was another Showaddywaddy hit. They were regulars on Top of the Pops, and I don’t mind showing my age when I admit first seeing them at the Cavendish nightclub in Blackburn in the mid-70s. They were colourful and entertaining then and still are today; and it seemed to me listening to them at the Mechanics that it is down to enjoying what they are doing all those rock ‘n roll years later.

Drummer Romeo Challenger and bass player Rod Deas are from that original line-up, but the “new” guys now fit this band perfectly. They are all full of energy and are versatile, talented musicians. When they weren’t impressing with their sound, their choreographed dance moves were very entertaining - epecially with their trademark brightly coloured jackets, neon socks, drainpipes and of course the beetle crushers.

There are still two drum kits on stage as there always were and it was non-stop action throughout the whole show as they swopped instruments, danced and joked their way through with great interaction with the audience. Not much seemed to have changed since their early days on this trip down memory lane.

It was a night for nostagia for most in the audience and we loved it. Romeo recently told a magazine interviewer that Showaddywaddy’s success was down to one crucial ingredient - fun - which fairly well sums them up, but don’t forget that their first love is music and they do it so well.

Showaddywaddy packed the Mechanics when they came to town and their CD is now brightening up my drive home every night. Nostalgia - you can’t beat it.

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