Music review: Modern Blues by The Waterboys

Scottish singer Mike Scott chose USA’s music city Nashville to record The Waterboys latest album Modern Blues to give him the spur to release something special.

Modern Blues by The Waterboys
Modern Blues by The Waterboys

And when you listen to track The Nearest Thing to Hip, you can see where Scott is coming from. It’s got all the ingredients of a winning song, piano, acoustic guitar and drums, combined with Scott’s distinctive voice in the background as he experiences pain and joy in the lovely lyrics.

The Waterboys have released 11 albums over the years and their most famous track The Whole of The Moon from 1985, is the one we all remember.

These days there are less original members of the band and its more about Scott. Rosalind (You Married The Wrong Guy) plays homage to the blues and is my favourite, its gutsy and strong, with lead single November Tale, which stars fiddle player Steve Wickham who helped the Waterboys reinvent themselves in the 1990s, a close second. It is sure to get the fans going on The Waterboys tour which comes to the UK in October.

For Waterboys fans, it’s a good way to start the day, listening to Scott and his pals belting out nine freewheeling rock and roll songs with that all important southern soul edge!

Modern Blues by The Waterboys, released by Harlequin and Clown via Kobalt Label Services,