Gig Guide - July 8th

LAVA AND IGNITE, Hammerton Street - Friday – Ace of Clubs! (Lava Ignite); Saturday – 90p drinks in Lava and Ignite; Sunday – The Weekend After Party.

THE MIX, St James’s Row - Friday – 3-4-£6 on most bottles plus DJ Andy Lee playing everything from past to present; Saturday – 3-4-£6 night with resident DJ.

KOKO’S , Elizabeth Street - Club30 – Every Friday – Singles Night; Every Saturday – Cabaret and DJ. Free membership, ring 01282 434997. Friday – Polish and English Techno Night (The Heights); Saturday – Polish and English Dance Night (Hacienda);.

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INSIDE OUT, Bull Street- Fridays and Saturdays – DJ Chris Byrne.

SMACKWATER JACKS, Ormerod Street - Saturday – DJ Scotty; Friday and Sunday – DJ Raymondo.

THE SANCTUARY, Cow Lane - Friday – Wolf Cry Wolf; Saturday – Evil Scarecrow.

BARCODE, Hammerton Street - First Three Saturdays Every Month – The Bassment with DJs Grant Homes, Dell Eclipse and Easy D, plus guests.

THE TALBOT, Church Street - Friday – Committed 2 Blues; Saturday – 1 in 10; Sunday – UNM.

PRINCESS ROYAL, Yorkshire Street - Saturday – Wayne’s World with disco and karaoke; Sunday – Soul and Motown night.


IGHTEN LEIGH SOCIAL CLUB, Padiham Road - Sunday – 4-30 p.m. The Blame.

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SHAKESPEARE HOTEL, Padiham - Friday – Karaoke with Matt and Poker Night; Saturday – Poker Night.

WHALLEY CONSERVATIVE CLUB, Queen Street - Saturday – Northern Soul Night.

WALTER STREET CLUB, Brierfield - Saturday, July 23rd – Bird Trap Soul Night.