Film review: The Informant

Based on Marc Fievet’s autobiographical book, The Informant chronicles the true story of a family man, who agreed to share incriminating information with customs officials in exchange for monetary rewards that could save his cash-strapped bar from closure.

Marc Duval (Gilles Lellouche) lives with his wife Clara (Raphaelle Agogue) and young daughter in Gibraltar.

The year is 1987 and Gibraltar is a British territory as well as a major thoroughfare for drugs trafficking operations.

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Customs official Redjani Belimane (Tahar Rahim) offers to help Marc pay off his spiralling debts if he will share titbits about his shady clientele, who are involved in illegal activities on the island.

Clara urges caution, fearful of the repercussions for her family.

But Marc presses ahead and foolishly double-crosses Irish thug Bobby Sims (Aidan Devine) and Italian crime lord Claudio Pasco Lanfredi (Riccardo Scamarcio) with dramatic consequences.

When his baby sister Cecile (Melanie Bernier) becomes entangled in the deception, it’s only a matter of time before the men on the wrong side of the law discover Marc’s betrayal and take their revenge.

Though there are exciting sequences, the roles are underwritten, the dubbing’s disastrous and the tension lessens even as the net tightens.

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