Domesday Scream Park set to terrify visitors this Halloween

The end of the world is nigh ... and it is destined to be hell on earth this Halloween as the gates to Scare Kingdom Doomsday Scream Park re-open at Hawkshead Farm Park, Longsight Road, Clayton-le-Dale, near Blackburn, on October 13th for the fourth consecutive year.

Monday, 10th September 2012, 12:26 pm

There will be terror, horror and gruesome gore like never before ... gone are the storytelling attractions from earlier years, as in 2012 Scare Kingdom ramps up the fright factor!

With four brand new scare attractions plus a range of new scare frights, this year’s scare entertainment park is set to be the most frightening to date.

Jason Karl, Creative Director of AtmosFEAR! Entertainment Group, the team behind the production of the park, said: “We have had over 10,000 guests through the Kingdom, and we listen to what they tell us. They asked for more scares - and this year they will get them in a ‘no holds barred’ line-up of attractions targeted at thrill-seekers, families and brave children!”

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Running over 15 dates between Saturday, October 13th, and Saturday, November 3rd, this year’s scream park will operate on more nights than ever before, following the huge demand from scare-seekers who travel from all over the UK to visit.


Keep it in the family...

Set in a rusting compound, this outdoor scare zone throws park guests into the clutches of a deranged family of inbred serial killers. Mama Pusstula and her gruesome husband Pighead lure unsuspecting victims into the slaughter shed, where the deeds of a horrifying legacy are all too apparent. Blood, guts and gore are on offer as guests navigate the twisted machinery trying to avoid their children, Cletus and the chainsaw wielding Hell-Razor.


End of Days

Enter a post-apocalyptic corn maze war zone where rebel forces are struggling against a hoard of half-human mutants. Led by the insane Doctor Chronos, the grotesque horrors are the result of a deadly experiment gone wrong during the nuclear fallout. Rebelsand mutants collide in a battle to survive, amid the chilling remnants of a poisoned world.


Your final curtain call...

Gorevinsky Guignol, the blood-crazed theatre impresario invites you into his nightmare realm, where the ghosts of a horrific past still tread the blood covered boards of this once grand Parisian theatre house. Famed during its heyday for glamorous depictions of tortuous horror, the past will come back to haunt you when you step backstage at the once Grand Guignol to see the forgotten players who are on cue to ‘meat’ you.


Appointment with Death

Venture blindly into Gaunt Hill Asylum, hellish home of the demented and deranged, and witness the beginnings of Scare Kingdom’s most infamous icon character - Dr Cornelius Van Der Blood ... Explore the rotting wards and come face to face with the graphic depictions of horror intended to shock and repluse, as you make your way towards Cell 13 for your ultimate demise. Scare Kingdom Doomsday Scream Park pushes the limits of decency and fear to bring guests the most intense scare experience in its history, you are ‘bound’ to scream...


Guests will receive a chilling greeting from The Possessed Statue, a special effect imported from the US especially for Scare Kingdom Doomsday Scream Park.


Guests can buy hot and cold beverages as well as alcoholic drinks, hot dogs and souvenirs (additional charges apply).


A scary heart pumping fairground ride of speed which guests can enjoy before and/or after the main park attractions (an additional charge applies).


In recognition of the 400th anniversary year of the Pendle witch trials, Scare Kingdom Doomsday Scream Park will be home to three of the infamous Pendle witches, Demdike, Nutter and Chattox, who will roam the park weaving a dark spell over the proceedings.