Clothing review: SmartWool PhD Outdoor Performance Socks

There is nothing worse when you are out and about than having sore or cold feet. The pain seems to rise to the brain and can spoil a day out.

So wearing socks which have been designed fit for purpose is the key to success. Experts at American firm Smartwool have spent years developing top quality footwear guaranteed to pamper your feet.

The secret ingredient is the Merino wool which has fibres which are the ideal length, thickness, colour and strength for the socks. The wool comes from the lovely looking sheep who are left alone in the Southern Hemisphere to enjoy life and twice a year are given a haircut to produce the wool for the socks.

The latest products out are the outdoor performance socks which have special technology in them to ensure they provide top quality service for your feet.

Four years of testing with athletes was undergone to produce the high durability socks which have been made to ensure they are long lasting especially in the toe and the heel areas.

The socks don’t bunch or bind when you wear them and they are so soft, your feet feel like they are on pillows. The technology also makes sure the socks support the foot and also provides the all-important moisture and temperature control, so your feet feel as fresh as a daisy.

So put to the test, what were they like? I tried the short cycling and colourful outdoor socks and both pairs did what it said on the packet and not only felt good, but looked good too!

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