"Cheating map" reveals top towns for illicit affairs

An official "infidelity index" has listed Burnley as among the top 140 adulterous towns in the country.

Monday, 20th March 2017, 4:37 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:35 am
A "cheat's index'' has been published listing the top towns where extra martial affairs are going on
A "cheat's index'' has been published listing the top towns where extra martial affairs are going on

It appears on the list as the 104th according to the www.infidelityindex.co.uk, which has been compiled by IllicitEncounters.com, which describes itself as the UK's leading dating website for married people.

The enlightening statistics are contained on a "cheat map" which reveals that 446 people are playing away in Burnley.

Blackburn and Blackpool were also among the 140 top adulterous towns in the country but no town from the region made the top 20, making Lancashire one of the most faithful counties in the UK.

Barrowford topped Burnley with 633 having affairs and the number of people cheating in Padiham was higher than Burnley at 543.

In Colne the figure stands at 354 with 210 in Barnoldswick and 414 in Clitheroe

Bamber Bridge is the most adulterous town in Lancashire, listed as 39th in the UK, while Lancaster is its most adulterous city, and the 33rd most adulterous city in the UK.

Classing itself as a the leading authority on infidelity, IlliciitEncounters.com mapped the location data of its 1.1 million members against each town's adult population to find the most adulterous towns and cities in the country.

Royal Tunbridge Wells was the most adulterous town, while the Welsh town of Barry was the least.

The site's spokesperson, Christian Grant, said: "People have had affairs since the dawn of time, but the last decade in particular has seen a large spike.

"The site has grown exponentially, and it's thanks to the turbulent economy and increase in house prices that has left many people financially crippled, unable to divorce should their marriage hit the rocks.

“The good news for those living in Lancashire is that it could be worse. While four towns all appeared in the top 140, none broke the top 10, or even the top 20.

“As for the region’s big city, it, too, failed to post in the upper end of the city index, which means that the citizens of Lancashire can sleep safe in the knowledge that they belong to one of the most faithful counties in the entire country."

You can find out exactly how many people are cheating your area by going to www.infidelityindex.co.uk,