Burnley’s Spacebats are souring high

YOU would be forgiven for thinking Spacebats was actually the name of a slightly off the wall sci-fi film yet to see the light of the day.

Although there’s always the possibility it could be the must-see summer blockbuster of 2012. The only Spacebats you need to worry about at the minute is the band from Burnley.

Spacebats took flight six years ago and features Fran Di Vito (bass and lead singer), his sons Ben (lead guitarist) and Alex (drummer/vocals) and newest member Connor Duckworth (keyboards).

“We play a wide range of covers, right from The Beatles and Elvis through to Killers and Kings Of Leon,” said Fran, who is nearly 50 and has been involved with bands since he was 14. What we do is easily recognisable. I’ve always told my lads that I want the audience to know exactly what we are playing three bars in.

“We always make a point of making sure that those watching us are enjoying themselves because it’s something that we really enjoy doing.”


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Live shows are definitely the four-piece’s forte and their pulsating performances have seen them acquire quite a following.

“We play a lot of gigs around Burnley and we tend to do a lot of functions. We have a big following up in the Yorkshire Dales as well so we find ourselves up there quite a bit.

“We like our sets to have something for everyone. Although we have a fairly rigid set list we’re definitely flexible enough to change it as we’re going along depending on the audience.”

Spacebats can next be seen on Friday, July 29th, at Queens in Colne before they play The Talbot, Burnley, on Saturday, August 6th.


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For more information on the band search for “Fran Di Vito “ on Facebook.