Game Night Goodies by AJ Noon & KS Lawrence: Recipe book with a difference - book review -

Now there’s some sort of return to normality, people are coming back round for a good old games night… So what snacks do you give them? The usual tried and trusted – if somewhat tired and listless –crisps, peanuts and sarnies?

Game Night Goodies
Game Night Goodies

Or could you go one better, do you think?

How about spicy chicken curry, vegan chilli, mini-cheese carca-scones, followed perhaps bylimoncello popcorn and whisky brownies? They are among the dozens of offerings in Game Night Goodies, a book that comes complete with handy tips, advice and hints for your gaming sessions.

This recipe book with a difference includes a symbology guide – look for the grease level if you’re getting out that board game that cost a fortune, or keep an eye on the squirrel if you have a nut allergy – power play cards full of time-saving tips and presentation ideas, and gaming hints.

So while you and your mates are busy slaying minions and monsters, drinking potions and philtres, delving into dungeons and dens, or launching spaceships, you’ll sweep the board with these fabulous homemade snackettes – and boost your energy levels at the same time.


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Game night never tasted so good…

(Redvark Publishing, paperback, £12)