Book review: Wild About Britain by Brian Jackman

This is a lovely book for travel enthusiasts everywhere. Author Brian Jackman takes you on an adventure spanning 40 years giving his thoughts and inspiration for nature.

Saturday, 23rd December 2017, 12:00 pm
Wild About Britain by Brian Jackman
Wild About Britain by Brian Jackman

It is a celebration of Britain’s unspoiled coast and countryside, concentrating mainly on Britain’s wildlife and the places where spectacular species are found as well as fishing, sailing and the way the nation’s history has shaped the landscape.

Brian sums it up best by saying: “Wild about Britain is not a guidebook''. 'It's an extended love letter to the British Countryside; a personal view covering more than four decades of travels in the wilder parts of Britain.'’’

Enjoy barnacle geese on the salt marsh of an Islay loch or star gazing in Exmoor or better still, celebrate the autumn rut in the New Forest, nature at its best.

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