Book Review: The Broons Calendar

THEY are the best loved comic strip family in Scotland.

Going strong since 1963, The Broons are hilarious and keen to pass on their words of wisdom, via the calendar and diary. Both are quality products, well illustrated and a must for fans. And the Christmas booklet will make a wonderful present for stalwarts. It contains the poem especially inspired by the work “A Visit from St Nicholas’’, first published in 1823. The greeting is set in the world of the Broons at No 10 Glebe Street and like Christmas, its just magical!

The Broons Calendar 2013, £6, The Broons Diary 2013, £7.99 and The Broons “The Nicht Afore Christmas’’, £3.99. To order, email: [email protected]or telephone: 0845 370 0067.