BOOK REVIEW: Son of Serge Bastarde

THEY are a quirky lot in France. With lots of odd traditions and a loveable dislike of the English, life is certainly never dull!

And John Drummer’s latest book is testament to that! Following on from the successful Serge Bastarde Ate My Baguette, it features Serge’s bid to recover from a broken heart and the chaos which enfolds.

It includes trying to persuade hapless and travelling antiques dealer Drummer into deals with the Romanian mafia, tackling a major re-roofing job on a huge Basque house, despite having no expertise and explaining to police why they find themselves trapped in a skip in the dead of night. Its a simple, but hilarious tale.

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Son of Serge Bastarde: Mayhem in the Antiques Markets of Rural France, by John Drummer, £8.99,