Book Review: Princess Ponies, The Special Secret and A Unicorn Adventure

Children can let their imagination go wild with these two books. Ruaridh (6) has wanted to be a unicorn since he could talk, so he just loves the Princess Ponies series.

In these new books, author Chloe Ryder whisked Ruaridh and Flora (3) away to Chevalia, an enchanted island where ponies and horses rule. Its magic is powered by eight golden horse shoes hanging in the royal castle. But there is trouble afoot as the horse shoes have been stolen and must be found before Midsummer Day or the island will lose its magic.

The Special Secret sees Pippa and her Princess Pony friend Stardust head to the grasslands to help on Harvest Day and search for the missing horseshoes. Stardust decides that princesses should not get their hoofs dirty doing farm work after all. This upsets her friend Mucker who works on the farm. Perhaps Stardust can overcome her pride and they might uncover another missing horseshoe in the fields.

A Unicorn Adventure sees the second youngest Princess Pony, Honey, entering the forbidden Cloud Forest and Pippa and Princess Stardust know they must follow her. They find Honey’s secret as she has made friends with a unicorn and knows where they live in the forest. Pippa is awestruck, but when Honey’s unicorn friend mentions a magical tree in the centre of the forest, Pippa suspects that one of the golden horseshoes might be hidden there. Braving fire-breathing dragonflies, she and Stardust summon all their courage and head deeper into the forest, hoping to see the unicorns and maybe find a golden horseshoe too.

Princess Ponies, The Special Secret and A Unicorn Adventure, by Chloe Ryder, £4.99, published on June 6th by