Book review: Killing Eva by Alex Blackmore

The female equivalent of Jason Bourne leaps back into the heart of darkness in the second book of Alex Blackmore’s brutal, breathless hi-tech thriller series.

Killing Eva byAlex Blackmore
Killing Eva byAlex Blackmore

We first met Eva Scott – a fascinating, feisty action woman whose DNA seems to dictate that she must always face danger – in Lethal Profit and her new, fast-moving adventure packs the same powerful punches and death-defying escapades.

Fresh from terrifying exploits in Paris and Paraguay, the irrepressible Eva is thrust into a perilous conspiracy plot in which fighting is futile, escape seems impossible and survival becomes everything.

It’s a year now since Eva Scott became enmeshed in a bio-tech plot that almost left her dead, and the steady, normal life she has constructed for herself would appear to be going well.

But as she walks through Waterloo Station on her way to meet friends, a down-at-heel man in front of her suddenly collapses into her arms and she knows instinctively that he has only moments to live. As he looks desperately at Eva, his eyes fleetingly lucid and clear, he whispers one word… ‘kolychak.’


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Somewhere in her mind, recognition of the word flares but before she can grasp at its source, the man lets out an ear-piercing shriek and breathes his last.

The dying man’s haunting word starts to awaken memories that Eva, shaken and disturbed, had thought long buried. The past is about to be resurrected in all its savage reality and soon Eva’s fate is out of her hands.

She is trapped by circumstances, targeted by science and faces an anonymous, shifting enemy which neither she nor anyone else can name. A genetic key is keeping her alive but also foreshadowing her death. People whom she loved and lost materialise and then disappear, testing the limits of her sanity. And inextricably linked to her survival is the potential takedown of an economic power, on which hang the lives of many others.

Can Eva regain control of her life, or is she pursuing a mission impossible?


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Blackmore moves into top gear in this complex, well-plotted, white-knuckle ride into Eva’s terrifying world of conspiracy, greed, corporate corruption and eye-watering violence.

Expect some shocking surprises along the way and steel yourself for the final, harrowing, cliffhanger which is guaranteed to leave readers bothered, bewildered and gasping for the next instalment.

A dark contemporary thriller with no hiding place for the faint-hearted…

(No Exit Press, paperback, £7.99)