Book Review: Faroe Islands by James Proctor

I always think of football when I hear about the Faroe Islands. For they were the ones who were made up of painters and postmen and who beat the big fish in World Cup qualifiers

But as author James Proctor reveals in this fascinating guide, there is more to these islands than football. The nearest place to them is the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

These wild, wet and windy volcanic islands are far enough away to be off the tourist route, but those who do make the effort to get there are in for a treat.

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The islands are a different world, where crystal clear mountain streams cascade down verdant hillsides dotted with turf-roofed homes whose timber walls are painted with bright reds, yellows and blues.

Teeming with wildlife and with a sedate pace of life, as Proctor says “it’s a place waiting to be visited!’’.

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