Book Review: Among The Hoods

WRITER Harriet Sergeant began a three year friendship with a teenage gang which changed not only their lives, but hers too.

It all started with the Daily Mail journalist researching why so many black Caribbean and white working class boys are failing. But when she delved into the world of gangs, this middle-class white woman found so much more.

She became friends with gang leader Tuggy Tug and entered their world, opening her eyes to their lives. Tuggy Tug was eventually sent to prison, guilty of committing more than a hundred robberies. But as this funny and thoughtful book shows, life and how you live it changes decent young men into misfits and criminals.Gripping stuff, which may change your views on gang life.

Among the Hoods, A middle class woman’s three years with teenage gangs by Harriet Sergeant, priced £14.99 and published by Faber and Faber Ltd,

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