Aliens land in Preston: Space-ravers HENGE set for Continental gathering

There's few among us who can lay claim to having met an alien - let alone spoken to one. But when Zpor of the space-travelling band HENGE made contact, it was a chance not to be missed.
Space-ravers HENGESpace-ravers HENGE
Space-ravers HENGE

HENGE is a band of intergalactic ravers - practitioners of the sacred sounds of Cosmic Dross - a musical form known in other parts of the universe that has, until now, never been heard on Earth.

There are no human words to adequately describe the Cosmic Dross experience, though its sound is characterised by the thundering drums of Nom - an amphibious creature from the Sirius Star System - the garment-rending bass frequencies of last surviving Venusian, Goo, and the whacked-out synths of the band's only human, Grok. Over this instrumental framework, the band's founder, Zpor, sings of his space travels, evoking a joyous celebration of life and encouraging humans to end war, save their species and colonise space.

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Any difficulties of the language barrier were easily overcome because Zpor has a chip implant to enable him to communicate in many languages.

Zpor of the band HENGEZpor of the band HENGE
Zpor of the band HENGE

The coming together of this merry band of aliens is a long-winded tale of political plight and planetary apocalypse. But Zpor was very happy to talk about Cosmic Dross and any influences that contribute to this sound unknown to humans. He said: "Cosmic Dross is a very ancient, very sacred art form that is billions of years old.

"We are also influenced by Earth music that we've heard, because we have been able to pick up radio waves.

"And we've heard some very interesting sounds from planet Earth - like raves. We've heard rave music and that has influenced us.

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"Music from all over planet Earth - African music and Indian music. There's many great sounds to be heard on planet Earth as well."

And Zpor was also keen to bring Cosmic Dross to Preston, adding: "The people of Preston are very much in need of Cosmic Dross and we are desperate to join together with the people of Preston in a joyful experience and a gathering where we can share our alien consciousness with human beings there and create an ecstatic experience for all who attend.

"There will be joy. Joy will abound. There will be singing - ecstatic singing, clapping, dancing. Humans will embrace each other. We shall smile together. We shall sing. We shall love. We shall demand peace."

After many hopefully successful landings in the UK, what comes next for HENGE. Possible world domination?

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"We would like to influence humans all around the world and encourage them to a peaceful existence and to look after their fellow humans and to unite and colonise space."

So HENGE come in the name of rave to spread their message of love and harmony. And they land in Preston on Friday, November 23. This gathering will be held with the aim of provoking the proliferation of joy amongst humans. Catch them at The Continental (if you dare) from 8pm. Support on the night comes from popular Preston band The Jackpot Golden Boys. Tickets are £10 in advance and £12 on the door, available online at or from the bar on 01772 499 425 and Action Records on 01772 884 772.