Burnley student appears on BBC’s ‘Pointless’

Chloe McLaughlin (S)
Chloe McLaughlin (S)

A bright Burnley student narrowly missed out on scooping £3,000 when she reached the final of popular BBC quiz show “Pointless”.

Chloe McLaughlin (19) appeared on the teatime BBC 1 quiz with her Salford University flatmate Luke Yale after he applied to go on the show as a joke.

But it was no joke when the pair of pals reached the final and had to find a pointless answer to a very tricky question – name a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize since 1945.

The aim of the show is to find answers that no-one else from the public has thought of.

And the pair’s answer – American civil rights leader Martin Luther King – was just one point from being pointless.

Former Ivy Bank High School pupil Chloe said: “It was a great experience but I cringed all the way through when I saw it on television.

“A lot of my friends and family must have seen it too because my phone went into meltdown!

“It was brilliant though. We had a three-day stay in London, which was great fun. Alexander Armstrong (the host) was very intense but lovely. He said we were his favourite.

“The co-host Richard Osman is nice too – he’s so tall you get a sore neck talking to him!”

But “Pointless” wasn’t Chloe’s only foray into television recently. Having just finished her first year of a performance, drama and theatre degree, she is keen to get into acting and recently filmed a number of small parts in a satellite television documentary called “Britain’s Darkest Taboos”.

“The documentary was a crime reconstruction where I played a jury foreman and a schoolgirl.

“I’ve been writing a dark panto as well, which theatre groups at university are interested in so I’ve plenty of things to keep me occupied over the summer.”