Darlia set for UK tour


One word seems to appear more than any other when you read past pieces on Blackpool three-piece Darlia.

More than rock, waves or even tower. That word is Nirvana. “Nirvana-ish”, “Nirvana-esque”, “the new Nirvana”, all now seemingly Darlia synonyms.

It’s a comparison that still perplexes frontman Nathan Day who says he has barely ever listened to Nirvana let alone been influenced by them.

“We are a three-piece, I have long blonde hair and I don’t have a boy band voice. It’s going to happen. At first it was like an honour because they‘re a really big band and it’s not like we’re being compared to a completely random or abstract band. To be compared to a big band is nice but it’s got to the point where everybody keeps saying we’re like Nirvana and we’re not trying to be Nirvana or sound like them.

“So I might just have to get a perm and dye my hair black.”

Nirvana comparisons aside, 2014 has truly been a year to remember – especially considering last year the 20-year-old was working as a cleaner in the college where he had studied.

“If somebody had told me a year ago when we (bassist Dave Williams was working with him) were on our knees scrubbing toilets then I wouldn’t have believed them. I always wanted to be in a band but could never find anybody to be in one with. I tried at primary school, secondary school, college and then just after college it finally happened.”

Small gigs in bizarre venues is a rite of passage for the unsigned band – but then there’s playing Blackpool.

“It wasn’t easy gigging in Blackpool. A lot of the venues are closing down and there isn’t really a live music scene. Plus the place is geared around stag and hen dos. We’d be playing a gig and the next thing a load of Smurfs and Super Mario would walk in. It was just pointless. When we got the record deal, we moved to Manchester.”

And they haven’t looked back. Debut EP “Knock Knock” was released to rave reviews and March’s “Candyman” EP has delivered even more radio airtime. Zane Lowe is a big fan.

A full length album now beckons (for release early next year) and new single “Stars Are Aligned” comes out this month. Years of planning finally coming to fruition for a frontman who has always known what he has wanted.

“Music has been my life ever since I was little kid,” said Nathan, who wrote “Napalm”, “Queen of Hearts” and “Choke on Bones” when he was only 14 years old. “It’s all I have ever wanted to do. I cannot tell you anything I like more than the power of music. It sends me into a daze. I just love it so much.”

Darlia are now in the process of tracking their album but will break off for a nine-date tour at the end of the month. They play the EVAC Loft in Liverpool on September 23rd and Manchester Ruby Lounge on September 27th.