Blue Waves riding high

The Blue Waves
The Blue Waves

When you hear the words ‘rock’ and ‘Blackpool’, you’d be forgiven for thinking of nothing but those teeth-destroying sticks you buy on the front.

Hailing from the aforementioned coastal town, the Blue Waves are a young indie rock band looking to change that.

Formed only a year ago, the lads have been busy recording demos and playing gigs across the county as they look to raise their profile.

“We’ve been playing all over the place really,” said singer/guitarist George Edmondson (18).

We have a few tacks on SoundCloud. We recorded seven demos, six months ago and have been playing them live ever since.

“We’re looking to expand out really, play more gigs around the country and try and just raise our profile really.”

George is joined in the band by bassist Will Easton (17), drummer Elliot Gasper (17) and Lewis Irving (17).

Playing gigs in Blackpool can be a notorious rite of passage for many up-and-coming bands, lost in a cacophony of slot machines and stag parties.

Pubs want the punters and that inevitably means the bands must play covers.

“When we started out we played a lot of covers,” said George.

“It helps you as a band. We wanted to move on from that quickly though, we didn’t want to become known as a covers band. We still throw the odd one or two in though.

“The Blackpool music scene is a bit strange. A lot of bands from round here try and get gigs over in Lancaster and Preston and that’s what we’re trying to do, Manchester as well.”

The band, whose influences include Paul Weller, Arctic Monkeys and Oasis, have got plenty lined up as well with gigs at the Belle Vue in Blackpool on October 25th; the Grapevine in Poulton on November 6th; the Billington, Blackpool, on November 15th and the Ferret in Preston on November 21st.

“Next year we’re looking at trying to get ourselves a record deal. So we’ll be doing as many gigs as we can.

“Hopefully we can get back in the studio as well and get an EP recorded.”

For more on The Blue Waves, check out their Facebook page.