VIDEO: Belly dance flash mob in Burnley town centre

Burnley shoppers were treated to something a little bit different thanks to a town centre “flash mob” staged by a group of belly dancers.

The impromptu routine was organised by belly dance teacher Mrs Chriso Pongourou to help celebrate one of her member’s 50th birthday.

Flash Mob in Burnley town centre

Flash Mob in Burnley town centre

Mrs Pongourou teaches classes at the Vincent Farrell Centre on Tuesday evenings and at the Burnley Miners’ on Monday evenings and Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Some 44 members took part in the six-minute routine in Market Square, which drew loud applause and cries of “more” from entertained onlookers.

Mrs Pongourou said: “It was brilliant. The atmosphere was incredible. I really didn’t expect it to go that well but I’m so glad that it did.”