Hameldon Community College pupils make a film

Tanya Khan and Cody Lee Gallagher (s)
Tanya Khan and Cody Lee Gallagher (s)

TWO girls from Hameldon Community College have filmed a guide for fellow pupils on the subject of spontaneous speech.

Cody Lee Gallagher and Tanya Khan, who are in Year 11, have been studying spontaneous and scripted speech for their English GCSE and have just finished two films on the topic.

The films will help fellow pupils studying English language understand that spontaneous speech is very informal, colloquial and chatty, while scripted speech is what you would expect to hear from a soap opera or a television drama.

Headteacher Miss Gill Broom said: “Looking at spoken English and developing pupils’ consciousness of the spoken form is a very good thing.” Miss Broom also stressed it was important to include a literary perspective while examining the linguistic aspect of speech.