Wyse man seals victory for St Peter’s Burnley

St Peters won 3-0
St Peters won 3-0

St Peter’s Burnley extended their unbeaten start to 2014 as they beat Prestwich 3-2 in a close match.

Nik Czernianin started slowly and was soon down 8-0 in the first game, but found his form and pulled back the points to go on and win the game 10-9.

The Prestwich player could not get back into the match, and Nik went on to win 3-0.

This was followed by a very workman like performance by Daniel Whittaker who was always in control of his match, winning quite easily 3-0.

Rod Taggart was not at his best showing, signs of fatigue due to just to many hard games, losing 3-0 to an opponent he should have beaten.

Jon Smith tried very hard but was unable to come to terms with a more skilful player, losing 3-0.

The match hinged on the final game, and Scott Wise let his opponent make all the mistakes, whilst he didn’t play a single poor shot during the whole match, wining at a canter 3-0 to seal victory for St Peter’s.