Top class showing from two of Burnley’s most promising boxers

Reiko Rickwood
Reiko Rickwood

Burnley’s Sandygate Amateur Boxing Club showed its class when two of its promising starlets graced the canvas at the Clayton ABC show in Accrington.

Unbeaten young gun Reiko ‘Riot’ Rickwood (11) was first up against Yorkshire’s P.O’Doherty (Hard & Fast ABC) in what turned out to be a cracking contest.

Brett - boxing

Brett - boxing

Straight from the opening bell Stoop’s Estate’s Rickwood kept centre using his long range well, catching the durable O’Doherty frequently.

The second was the Hameldon Year 7 pupil’s finest again, never taking a back foot Rickwood showed his full arsenal of punches catching the Yorkshire man with screw shots, uppercuts and looping hooks to the target area.

The third and final round was again a one-sided affair with the Sandygate fighter showing why he is so highly thought of. It was to no-one’s surprise when Rickwood hand was raised the unanimous victor 30-26.

Brett ‘Wrekin’ Windle (15) was next up for the Hargreaves Street boxing club facing quality opposition in England international G.Smith (Middleton ABC).

Windle’s boxing card already contains contests against two England Champions, the Welsh & Tri-Nation Champion as well as Irish titlists so he was not going to be fazed by the England vest of Mancuniun Smith.

From the off, Windle never let up on Smith forcing him onto the ropes working the torso then switching to the head.

The second round showed Gannow’s Windle keep the pressure on not allowing the taller Smith to settle again and working close, Windle, who himself is ranked number three in the country out classed Smith once more.

The last two minute round saw the Shuttleworth Year 11 prospect seal the verdict when he seemed to not miss the target area with every advance and it was to the approval of all around when the Burnley boxer received another unanimous decision from the judges ringside 30-27.

Anyone interested in joining the club do so can via or 07855505719.