Small table winner upsets odds to claim 2013 Golden Cue title

Champion: Brian Collinge is pictured with the match referees and the spoils

Champion: Brian Collinge is pictured with the match referees and the spoils

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Brian Collinge is the 2013 Fosters Golden Cue champion, after beating Jonny Clark 3-2 at Ighten Leigh.

Small table winner Collinge turned the final on it’s head, winning all three frames on the large table.

Padiham Snooker Club’s Clark took the first frame on the small table 125-5, without Briercliffe’s Collinge potting a ball!

But Collinge took the next frame on the big table on the pink ball.

Clark restored his lead on the small table, but Collinge wasnt finished by a long way,

He took the fourth frame on the green ball, and forced a final frame decider.

Clark won the toss and decided to play on the full size table, even though he hadnt won a frame on there.

Collinge stated after he was going to choose the full size if he had won the toss, and, as it proved, he coasted to victory by a margin, and much to his own surprise, claimed the title of overall Golden Cue champion.

Graham Jones was present from sponsors Heineken UK, and has confirmed sponsorship for the future, so next year’s competition gets underway in January.

Collinge and Clark won £200 each for winning their small and large table titles, with further prize money going to runners-up A.Dibb (large table) and D. Cregg (small table) £100; losing semi-finalists B.Hindle and L.Bannister (large table) and S. Shepherd and P. Averill (small table) £50; with £15 for the losing quarter-finalists.