Gymnastics club continues to feel benefit of Olympic legacy

Burnley Gymnastics Club with Olympic pommel horse
Burnley Gymnastics Club with Olympic pommel horse

A year on from the London Olympics, Burnley Gymnastics Club is benefiting from a legacy programme that has helped more than a quarter of a million young people get involved in sport.

Figures published by Sport England show 8,132 teenagers and young adults in Lancashire have so far benefitted from free or discounted six-to-eight week courses in different sports through Sportivate.

Burnley Gymnastics Club - who were the recipients of the pommel horse used at the Ganes - applied for Sportivate funding through Lancashire Sport Partnership, to provide young people in the area an eight-week introduction to gymnastics. Sixteen young people have got involved with the programme so far.

Rowan Mitchell, 23, said: “I was listening to a debate about the Olympic Legacy and that Burnley Gymnastics Club had the actual Olympic Pommel at the centre!

“I had always fancied a go at gymnastics so I contacted them. I attended and it was really good fun and I even got to perform on the Olympic Pommel!”

Kimberley Sharples, Burnley Gymnastics Coach, who was recently awarded the Coach of the Year Award at the Burnley Sports Awards, said: “Sportivate has been great for us.

“Our project has attracted people aged between 18 and 25 who may not have taken part in gymnastics before but wanted to try something a bit different.”