Golf Rossendale launches loyalty card scheme

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GOLF Rossendale Driving Range & Academy has launched a new loyalty card scheme.

This means that regular users of the range will get great discounts if they pay in advance.

As part of the scheme golfers can buy a loyalty card in advance which they can then load up with credit for the range.

Normally 50 balls costs £3.60 and 100 balls costs £5.70, but by using the loyalty card scheme golfers can get 50 balls for as little as £2.30 or 100 balls for as little as £4.60.

Golf Rossendale Managing Director Scott Grundy said: “Since we opened in November we have been listening to suggestions from golfers and the loyalty card system was one thing that came up time and time again.

“We have invested in this new scheme and we hope it will prove popular with our regular golfers as it will mean even great value for money at the range.”

The pricing for the loyalty card scheme is as follows:

10 credits: £26 = 50 balls for £2.60

18 credits: £45 = 50 balls for £2.50

26 credits: £60 = 50 balls for £2.30

Cards cost £1 to buy and are yours for life. Credit on lost or stolen cards is non-refundable. It is the golfer’s responsibility to keep their card safe.