Champ Jimmy survives

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REIGNING Golden Cue champion Jimmy Waddington survived the preliminary round but a tricky tie against Ighten Leigh’s Paul Banks is the next hurdle.

Colne Legion’s Dean Emmott, last year’s runner-up, has his work cut out against Faraq Adjaib of Padiham, while the tournament’s most senior competitor Evan Gildert, 73, will have to travel to Lowerhouse Canteen to meet Howard Murtaugh.

Golden Cue first round draw: T. Arnott (Colne Legion), Large Scr v K. Nyari (Worsthorne), Small +10; P. Banks (Ighten Leigh), Large +10 v J. Waddington (Lamb), Small Scr; J. Hennessey (Ighten Leigh), Large +15 v D. Rushton (Burnley SC), Large +20; A. Greenwood (Worsthorne), Small +10 v J. Linguard (Old Band), Small +10; O. Wilson (Old Band), Small +15 v C. O’Brien (Canteen), Large +15; S. Gilbert or J. O’Callaghan v J. Lanceley (Alex), Small +20; K. Ormerod Snr (Alex), Small +15 v D. Thompson (Padiham SC), Large +15; S. O’Horo (Burnley League), Large +10 v Bannister (Colne Legion), Large +5; A. Cairns (Alex), Small +10 v S. Greenhall (Padiham SC), Large +5; N. Danson (Ighten Leigh), Large +25 v N. Kershaw (Unity), Large +20; S. Rae (Burnley League), Large +20 v D. Paton (Colne), Large +5; J. Southern (Green Street), Small +10 v J. Shiels (Lamb), Small +15; N. Murtaugh (Canteen), Large +5 v N. Peacock (Colne Legion), Large +20; S. Lawless (Strategy), Large +5 v R. Allen (Broughton Road BC), Large +20; S. Blackwell (Padiham), Large +10 v E. Hall (Crosshills Con), Large +20; D. Emmott (Colne), Large Scr v F. Adjaib (Padiham), Large Scr; J. Foster (LMS), Large +10 v M. Kaley (Dickie Pinks), Small +15; P. Taylor (Unity), Large +15 v R. Large (Read Con), Large Scr; J. O’Reily (Ighten Leigh), Large Scr v L. Ashworth (Burnley League), Large +20; P. Doyle (Colne SC), Large +5 v D. Howe (Ighten Leigh), Large +5; C. Docherty (Canteen), Large +20 v K. Smith (Ighten Leigh), Small +20; D. Markham (Molly Rigby’s), Small +20 v P. Rinaldi (Padiham SC), Large Scr; S. Greenwood (B’wick Union), Large +15 v B. Hindle (Burnley SC), Large +20; E. Catlow (Paradise), Small +5 v S. Gourlay (Ighten Leigh), Large +30; H. Murtaugh (Canteen), Large +30 v E. Gildert (Ighten Leigh), Large +25; J. Sanderson (Canteen), Large +20 v S. Bradburn (Green Street), Small +15; J. Kershaw (Lamb), Small +15 v P. Clegg (Clitheroe Con), Large +10; S. Ashworth (Ighten Leigh), Large +15 v B. Redman (Colne), Large +10; K. Catlow (Dickie Pinks), Small +15 v J. Burns (Burnley SC), Large +20; A. Bates (Lamb), Small +10 v L. Edmondson (Ighten Leigh), Large +10; H. Ingham (Miners), Small +10 v T. Ashworth (Burnley League), Large +10; A. Dibb (Old Band), Small +5 v A. Goody (Padiham WMC), Small +15.

The closing date for the first round is 9 p.m. on Friday, February 4th. For more details visit or contact organiser Neil McGovern on 07920 147147.