Burnley too strong for Blackburn Bulls

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Burnley and Blackburn Bulls were involved in a close encounter during their the LBA U16 Summer League return match.

Burnley were missing the height of Elliott Morton and Sam Postlethwaite while Bulls had only six players.

Bulls took the lead straight away with Burnley missing several shots from close and long range.

And it was the Bulls who finished the first quarter 10-4 ahead despite Burnley looking good moving the ball around the Bulls zone defence.

The second quarter saw Bulls once again ahead but Burnley started sinking some of their shots and Sam Snape and Alex Hall were looking particulary sharp in offence.

At half-time Burnley had reduced the gap to four points with Bulls leading 23-19.

The third quarter saw Burnley looking the better team, their patience in offense starting paying off while defensively they were starting to bite a little bit more.

Burnley’s offence started to move the ball in and out of the zone and with some clinical move to the baskets they were hurting the Bulls defence.

The third quarter saw Burnley taking the lead 35-32 with a partial quarter score of 16-9.

The fourth quarter then saw Bulls trying to close the gap and Burnley in the first five minutes were capable to increase their lead up to 14 points.

Bulls tried their best to close the gap but Burnley looked in control and wereable to take the victory.

Coach Minozzi said: “We deserved to win, we played very well in offence and we moved the ball with patience in offence.

“We only have been practising playing against a zone defence for the last week or so and tonight we understood how to break down a zone.

“In defence we worked very well as single players but we need to work better as a team and a unit.

“All in all, the team is at a good stage for this time of the year.

“It is a new team with lots of new players. Sam Snape and Alex Hall tonight were very good in offence leading the way. We did miss Elliott and big Sam under the baskets, as we allowed too many easy rebounds for Bulls.

“We are going to work hard in the next few weeks and I am very optimistic about next season.”