Not a level playing field - Burnley boss Shaun Dyche speaks out on FFP

Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

CLARETS boss Sean Dyche admits he doesn’t believe the onset of Financial Fair Play will lead to a more level playing field in the Championship.

From next season, we will see the introduction of a breakeven model based on UEFA Regulations, based on turnover, requiring clubs to stay within pre-defined limits on losses that will reduce significantly over the next five seasons.

Failure to stay within the limits will lead to the imposition of sanctions, such as transfer embargos.

It is meant as a block to clubs who continually make losses and accumulate debt, but, speaking ahead of last night’s home clash with Hull City, Dyche feels it will take time to take full effect.

Asked whether the Championship is becoming a case of the ‘haves and have nots’, he said: “In theory, the idea of the Financial Fair Play kicking in will affect that. Like in life there are possible ways that people might look at to shift it in their favour.

“The taping off period over five years, or certainly the first two years, will allow the rich to throw their power around.

“The idea is that over the next four or five years the game steadies off a little bit.

“When you’re talking about percentages of crowds, it stands to reason, if you’re at a club that gets 25,000 like Brighton and you get 60% turnover of that as your benchmark, if we’re getting 13,000 on average 60% of that is not the same. Even I can work that out!

“I still don’t think it will be parity.

“It will never happen but it would be interesting if everyone got the same, there’s your pool of players, crack on; like the draft system in America.

“There are weirdnesses to all of them.

“I’m sure with the draft system there are coaches who moan about it – getting third pick instead of first pick and 30th pick instead of 20th.

“I don’t think there’s a foolproof way, I think they’re trying to govern it better and trying to bring the margins down slightly, and only time will tell with that.”

Burnley’s planning for FFp is well down the line, having tapered their wage bill and spending accordingly.

But Dyche was able to bring in Fulham midfielder Alex Kacaniklic on loan a fortnight ago, to add variety to his options in wide areas.

He feels the Swede offers something different to the likes of Junior Stanislas, Ross Wallace, Keith Treacy and Dane Richards: “The reason for bringing Kaca in is that the wide players are very similar in their make-up and we wanted something different.

“We’ll see how he goes, but he delivers something different.

“He didn’t have the ball anywhere near as much as we’d like him to against Barnsley, and he ran 13.5km.

“That’s an amazing total for a winger, so that gives you and idea of his spirit and his will to do it is.

“Obviously like most players we brought him here not just to run around but to deliver with the ball, and we didn’t get the ball to him enough.

“That was something that will change.

“We’ve done pretty well with the ball.

“Against Barnsley we just didn’t control and deal with the ball as well as we have done.

“It’s as simple as that, but they’re the ups and downs of the group, learning and improving and changing and being adaptable.”

The wide areas have chopped and changed, with wingers, by definition, inconsistent performers, and he added: “It’s a tough role because you’re not in the game all the time and your focus has to be there, your shape has to be there, the attention to the moment when you can actually go and grip the game.

“Sometimes it’s that day when the ball either lands at you or people keep feeding you.

“Other times you’ve got to go and grip the game.

“That’s one of the intriguing parts of wide players and how they play.”

While the wide players have found themselves in and out of the side as they search to nail down a regular starting berth, they have continually provided the bullets for Charlie Austin, who had 26 goals ahead of last night’s game.

But the next top scorer at the club is Martin Paterson with five.

Dyche is unconcerned while Austin is still finding the net: “You want as many people scoring as you can, but when they’re scoring as heavily as Charlie there’s always a gap.

“I don’t know what it is at Palace where Glenn Murray’s leading now, but I’m not sure there’s anyone that close to him.

“But Pato has his part to play.”

Barnsley boss David Flitcroft said Austin and Murray were the best two centre forwards in the division last Tuesday night - although Jordan Rhodes, from Sunday’s opponents Blackburn might have a claim.

Dyche accepted: “I think they’re both good players.

“Often you can make decisions purely on goals, which obviously is a massive part of it.

“But I think there are a lot of good forwards in the Championship.

“They don’t always offer the same thing, but as a manager they offer the team something.

“Charlie’s certainly up amongst them, and so is Glenn Murray.”

He sees no barrier to them scoring at any level either: “The Premier League is a tough division, and it’s a real positive sign when players can score in the Championship because equally the Championship is a tough division.

“Whereas if you put those same two players in one of the top end clubs they’d probably do really well, because chances come a bit more freely surrounded by an even better quality of play.

“There is something about goalscorers. We have our own.”

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