Emmerdale Star Jarvis Says 'Back The Trust!'

EMMERDALE'S Richard Moore, who plays Jarvis Skelton in the hit soap, is the latest high-profile name to put his weight behind the Clarets Trust.

Burnley supporter Moore joins the likes of Alastair Campbell and Kitty Ussher in backing the Trust's cause, and urges the Turf Moor faithful to join.

He writes: "Gentlemen in England now a-bed shall think themselves accursed they were not here and hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speak that fought with us against Luton". (Apologies to W. Shakespeare – Henry V)

Known to millions as Jarvis, Moore is also recognised amongst the Clarets faithful as a big supporter of Burnley FC, who has a habit of sneaking signs of his allegiance into the soap.

He said: "My support for Burnley goes back over 50 years. I've always tried to get the Clarets a mention whenever I've been interviewed, and also in theatre programme profiles.

"But the Emmerdale connection was a serendipitous one.

"The ex costume designer on Emmerdale, Lance Milligan, wanted me to take his young son, Gus, to a 'proper' football club. No Man U nonsense for him!

"This I did, and he enjoyed it enormously. Me less so, because we lost 5-3. Can't remember who we were playing, I was too traumatised!

"Anyway, the following week I asked Lance if Jarvis might wear a Burnley hat on Bonfire Night.

"He agreed, and the rest is Emmerdale history!"

This soon developed into regular appearances by Burnley paraphernalia on peak time television: "That was followed by a Burnley scarf in Jarvis' shed.

"This summer we switched to the baseball cap, and amazingly got away with it.

"In a yet to be shown episode, I managed to wear both the scarf and the hat, courtesy of a director who is a Millwall fan!

"Greater love hath no man. I only get good-natured ribbing from the Leeds fans on the crew, but there are three BFC fans amongst the camera crew, and a staunch female supporter in the wardrobe department.

"The only stick I get is from away supporters as I travel up and down the country!"

Of his love of Burnley, he says: "I have too many Claret heroes to put into print, but for me, the greatest hero is the club itself.

"That it should have survived over all these years is a miracle, and owes as much to unsung and often abused 'backstage' people and without question, the fans themselves."

Which brings us to the Clarets Trust, something that Moore is proud to be a member of and give his backing to: "I'm sure the Clarets Trust can make a difference.

"They have a ready ear in the shape of chairman Barry Kilby, who, in my opinion, is a Burnley fan through and through.

"Every Burnley fan should join the Trust. No question.

"We are one of the great clubs, but we need to support the club and each other in as many ways as we can. Just join. Today!"

For further details, contact the Clarets Trust by email at info@claretstrust.co.uk or by mail at Clarets Trust, PO Box 1960, Sports Desk, Burnley Express, Bull Street, Burnley, BB11 1DP