Sad day for the Co-op in Padiham

Padiham's Cooperative store on Burnley Road
Padiham's Cooperative store on Burnley Road

As a regular shopper at Padiham Co-op I am very sorry to hear the store will close on 14th June making 19 staff redundant.

I was a former director of the Co-op and in the 1960s the Padiham Co-op merged with Burnley Co-op to form the Pendle Co-op. In the 1960s there were some Co-op stores - far too many - but this closure will only leave one food outlet, in Briercliffe Road, Burnley.

When the Co-op took over Somerfields I persuaded them to change the store to a Co-op, one of the first to be so converted.

It is a sad day for the staff and the local Co-operative movement.

Peter Pike