LETTER: Why is Burnley MP still on Burnley Council?

I WOULD like to bring to the attention of your readers that the MP for Burnley, Gordon Birtwistle, is still a member of Burnley Council.

Indeed, I heard recently that the day for the meetings of the full council was moved from Wednesday to Thursday to accommodate him, regardless of the wishes of the other 44 members. I have racked my brains to think of the reason for this unprecedented situation and came up with the following five possibilities:

1. There is not enough for him to do in Westminster – just ignoring election promises leaves him with plenty of time to deal with Burnley Council business;

2. £65,000 plus generous expenses is not enough for our Gordon;

3. The Lib-Dems on Burnley Council are so absolutely hopeless they can’t possibly manage without him;

4. He does want to resign but the Lib-Dems do not want a by-election – they have already lost their majority and cannot afford to lose another seat; and

5. They actually want a by-election but cannot find a candidate to stand. After years of opposition and blaming everyone else for any problems and promising the earth they are finding being held responsible for their actions in Government is too much and no one wants to take the flack.

So come on Gordon which is it?