LETTER: Why are Lakeland Way lights still out?

I WOULD like to make a complaint about Burnley Council and the highways department – especially the street lighting.

On Lakeland Way, Burnley, the street lights numbers one to seven have now been out for four weeks.

I have reported this three times to the street light department and once to my local councillor, but to no avail.

The reply I get is that it is a major problem from the junction box (situated in Lakeland Way) and the man that deals with it is away.

On returning this weekend they are still off. It seems a little strange this should just occur when a new cycle and footpath has been installed along Padiham Road and up Lakeland Way.

The paths that lead off Lakeland Way are pitch black, as are the back of the houses that back onto Lakeland Way.

Don’t you think that in this day, with all the muggings, rapes and burglaries, these light should be made a priority?

To get on a little lighted road you must walk in the dark!

What do we pay our council tax for? Can someone please advise me?