LETTER: We do not have a proper Conservative Party any more

It does sometimes surprise you when you discover you seem to have a new best friend you have never heard of, or put another way someone who seems to claim to know you very well.

I write, of course, of Julian Jordan of Trawden (Letters, June 17th), who I have never heard of. However, Julian, let me correct you on a couple of points just so you can get your story correct for whatever watering hole you pop into.

I dumped my membership of the Conservative Party on the day John Major sold my country by signing the Maastricht treaty. My utter hatred of the EU and how it has damaged us is well known in these columns. I voted for open trading with Europe and nothing else.

I also believe in a strong defence of my country, having served in its defence for many years. Watching this Government cripple our defences, and open another war in an area like Libya, does not go down well with me.

I loathe and detest the fact the Human Rights Act, especially Article 8 that lets murderers and other violent criminals of foreign extraction remain in this country on the basis of their human rights while forgetting about everyone’s else’s rights, is allowed to continue.

And then we have to borrow £12 billion, then pay interest, and then give that away on so-called foreign aid, usually to a bunch of despots who will buy nice shiny guns to show their poor people how much they care for them and buy new jets for their president.

And just to prove my point, can somebody tell me why we are giving money to India, who are as rich as we are, or as poor, and £3.5m. to Zimbabwe of all places, on the blind and barmy assumption the real poor people will be showered with jam butties or something, when in fact in most cases they will get nothing - and all this while restricting services for our own people.

So calling me a staunch Tory implies I support the present set up is a little off beat, mainly because I don’t believe we have a proper Tory party any more, just a bunch of wet and wetter Liberals. The only Tories are the local councillors who at least try not to spend everybody else’s money and in general do a good job.

Again, if you knew me you would know I don’t suffer from sour grapes. My opponents over the years will vouch for that. I like to win, and can lose very gracefully and always shake hands after a fair fight I may have lost.

What you completely and clearly don’t know or understand is that in certain parts of this borough, the elections were flawed, and our one true right to fairly elect our representatives was openly abused. If we lose that, Julian, we have lost everything. The two world wars were for nothing and my years on a warship prepared to defend you was for nothing. You must know this matter has already been raised in council, and if nothing happens, it will be taken further through to the Ombudsman if needed.

Julian, you have shown me, the people of Trawden and Pendle in particular, just how unsuitable you would appear to be for us to consider voting for you to join our council as a councillor for Trawden if you think or seem to think election deviations are even slightly funny.

I don’t think this rough and ready real Tory wants anything to do with you, and I can tell you many friends I have in the Labour Party (and I do have Labour friends) who are just as horrified as I am about what happened won’t want you either.

In conclusion, Julian, don’t come across in the press seeming to think you know somebody, because clearly you don’t know me.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield