LETTER: Water desalination plants are answer to droughts

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Parts of East Anglia are officially in a state of drought, according to the English environment department DEFRA and the Environment Agency.

Areas in the south-west, south-east, the Midlands and Wales are experiencing near-drought conditions following the driest spring on record in south-east and central southern England. Overall, England and Wales are at their driest since 1990.

Widespread hosepipe bans are unlikely, although Severn Trent Water has said it is considering “every option”. Farmers face restrictions on drawing water from water courses and rivers to protect wildlife.

The British Isles are surrounded by water. The answer is a simple one - build water desalination plants up and down our coast-line like they have done in Australia.

I honestly wonder about our MPs if they are fit to run this country when the answer to our water problems is looking them in the face.


36 Percy St, Nelson