LETTER: Setting the record straight over PCSO funding

YOUR article, “PCSO funding cuts are a real kick in the teeth” (February 15th) was way off the mark.

Mark Townsend is a Labour activist who has a habit of ignoring the truth in favour of a campaign slogan.

The people of Burnley deserve to know the truth. We have worked closely with the police to protect PCSOs who are valued by our residents. Two simple facts – first, the funding Burnley Council contributes to PCSOs will be the same next year and the year after, as it is now – there isn’t and never was a 25% cut. Second and most important, the number of PCSOs over the next two years will be exactly the same as this year.

This is an excellent result and one I, as the councillor who leads on Community Safety, am immensely proud of. Not even Mr Towsend can spin this into bad news. It is this kind of behaviour that means Labour are unelectable in Burnley.