LETTER: Pleased to see fines for leaving out wheelie bin

I WAS pleased to see that, at long last, Pendle Council has summoned up the courage to fine a householder for persistently leaving a wheelie bin out in the street.

No doubt there will be claims the council is using the legislation to make money and the treatment meted out was harsh. But let’s look at the facts.

From start to finish, it was eight long months before the case finally reached court, and during this time warning after warning after warning was blatantly ignored.

I am an advocate of wheelie bins but for too long now, far too many householders have been too lazy to take them back into their property when they have been emptied.

I hope this case will encourage them to comply with the regulations. Remember, if you do not want to pay the fine, do not do the crime. It is as easy as that.


Smith Street, Nelson