LETTER: Pitiful turnout for by-election

I DON’T think any of the political groups need to get too excited or too despondent with a turnout of voters of just 650 plus 559 postal votes at last week’s by-election.

It was pitiful. This does not show any predictions for the future May elections and for Julie Cooper to state that Labour had turned the corner as they have worked very hard on the campaign beggars belief.

I think that they need to work harder to raise more than 521 votes. Looking at the overall poll, Labour and the BNP both polled their usual amount of votes for that ward.

But when you consider that the Lib Dems only failed to hold onto the seat by a mere 250+ votes shows that when the protest votes against the Government is taken out of the equation and the voters start to vote again on local issues then I believe that the support for the Burnley Lib Dem councillors will return. So Julie, be aware of the difference in votes.


Coal Clough Lane