LETTER: More people oppose Burnley Cricket Club move away from Turf Moor

I MUST comment on Harry Brooks’ letter regarding the resignation of John Stubbs as chairman of Burnley Cricket Club.

I would like to point out it is not just the older members who are opposed to the move away from Turf Moor and I, for one, strongly object to being thought of as a “backwoodsman”. There are several players, too, opposed to the move. Most of the members just want to be kept up to date on what is happening regarding any move and their fear is everything will be cut and dried before they can have any say in the matter.

Whenever anything has appeared in the Press about the matter, the football club seem to have a very arrogant attitude and talk as though they can do exactly what they want. They have held meetings showing plans of their football academy as though they already own the land.

I can assure Mr Brooks there are still many people at the cricket club who will work tirelessly in the interests of the club and strive for what is best for it, not what is best for Burnley Football Club.